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Seasoned small business owner + entrepreneur who single-handedly built her first business to $5MM in annual revenue in less than 3 years simply by utilizing her experience + natural abilities in marketing, sales + online development. 

First-hand experience in all areas of digital marketing as well as the importance of inbound marketing + online platforms for the growth, success + survival of small to mid-sized businesses.

Talented marketing strategist + project manager with a proven track record in formulating + implementing creative client-facing solutions that drive increased growth, brand awareness, ROI + revenue.

A fast-talking, high-energy, strategic Renaissance woman who has worn every hat imaginable from CEO, CMO & CFO, to SEO, SEM & SMM Specialist, to Director of Operations, Website Developer, VP of Marketing, to Delivery Driver, Packer + Seamstress - all while finding a way to stay positive, motivated + smiling every step of the way.


Founder + CEO | 35 Years in Business

Among the many major enhancements Courtney brought to our brand, one of the highlights was her converting our rather medieval approach to Wayfair, Pottery Barn and others to an efficient and ultimately highly prosperous business. From in-person visits to the buyers with our Director of Sales, to recrafting the framework and implementing changes, to educating and coaching our e-commerce staff, she embraced the job professionally-and with plenty of good humor along the way. As a small business, agility was needed and appreciated. She often took advantage of our East Coast/West Coast time difference and dazzled us with a resolution to a complex issue overnight!

One gains trust with tangible results; numbers don't lie.

Beyond our core e-comm partnerships, Courtney exceeded expectations in expanding our partnership with Google and harnessing our challenging Amazon business. I am confident she will produce results-even in the most complex scenarios.

And Courtney would do all of that with precision and grace.